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Lookee lookee what I got in the mail today!

TGIF! and other news!

bad movie review...

yickity split

later that same day...

Bead Specials

New ebay auction

weekend gab

Back and in better spirits!

Bead Specials!!!

get ready for a big blow out, I'm pissed off again!

Are you ready for this? Big vent!!

monday already?

torchin it up!

PS Bead Specials update!

Super Friday!

way to much time on my hands today lol!

more to come...

me again...


Tuesday updates and chat

Sunday early in the day

happy happy joy joy!

update on Marsha

a wintery auction...

Tuesday chat

New auction up...

Happy Labor day!

Saturday chat

later that same day...

TGIF!!! New Auction up!

Thursday! and yet another new auction!