Saturday chat

I think it's time for me to stop watching all the hurricane coverage. I just don't understand at all I mean when 9/11 happened the entire city of New York came together and supported one another strangers or not. There was no violence or looting at least not enough that it caused such problems or added to the chaos so I"m not understanding how instead of pulling together and helping eachother there are people down south looting and fighting and there are increasing accounts of rape even going on! It's appauling to me I find it sickening and I just don't understand the mentality behind it all. The rest of the nation has been pulling together to help and even other countries but I think I'm pretty much done watching anymore and reading anymore on what's going on down there. I'm just going to sit tight and hope to hear from Marsha soon. On a much happier note...9 hrs. read it and weep people I got 9 hrs of sleep! My little man did terrific last night with working on his new schedule all week last night was the highlight of the week. He slept from 11pm-4am woke up just long enough to eat fell back asleep until a little after 7am ate and fell back asleep until 11am!!!! Fingers crossed that this is a schedule he likes and that last night wasn't just a fluke :) It was such a gorgeous day here today so we spent the day doing some shopping and spent some time outdoors. Ok so I'm off for now I'm going to head over to my friend Julie's site and see if she's back from her trip hopefully she's posted some pics because this sounded like a trip of a lifetime and I can't wait to hear all about it!!! So exiciting!! Then I'm ganna give Noah his bath and see if we can't get another great night of sleep :) Wish me luck! lol!


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