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Hurray! Major facelift over in the shop! Finally sat down and have been devoting time to revamp and clean up my website. Streamlining things so it's easier to shop and find what you are looking for.  These two  bracelets are new to the shop today and part of my Religious Relics collection. There were more but they sold out pretty quickly 😍 These two as of right this second are still available. And More coming soon... Every November a new Stephanie Plum book comes out and I always pre-order so it hits my mailbox or kindle right away. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series! I own them all and reread them all throughout the year while waiting for the next one. They never disappoint and so far this one is hilarious and just what I need!  Major castonitis happening over here! I couldn't help it though. One of my most worn and favorite shawls is my Unicorn a long shawl from Rhinebeck 2 years ago so I decided I needed another one 😚 Some earthy, jewel-toned, hand-dyed squishy goodness is going

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