Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Life & Little Things...on the bench

I've been working on some large custom orders the past few weeks and squeezing in some fun extras for a shop update...

Lots of WIPs that need to be finished up this week and then they'll be up in the shop...

I'm in love with these Jasper spears...Perfect fit for 9mm and .380's. Definitely going to keep a pair for myself...

Glass restock, some new colors to play with :)

feels so good to be filling up the kiln several times a week again :)

my little assistant lost his first tooth a few weeks ago and now two more are wiggly so he's excited to be toothless lol :)

Friday, March 24, 2017

BEAD SOUP!!! Lets Hop!

I'm so excited to be soup hopping again! I participate in a lot of blog hops and challenges and Lori's Bead Soup Blog Party hop is one that I always look forward to :) 
Grab your coffee/tea, make yourself cozy and lets get hopping!

My bead partner this time around is Elizabeth  Hodges - The Whispering Seas Blog
Here's a quick reminder of the gorgeous items she sent me to work with...

I paired up the pottery heart focal by Sue Vandever (susieqbeads) with some individually wired pearls...

I couldn't resist adding in some larger and contrasting colored pearls to make it more asymetrical, my eye tends to like things a bit "off"...

Wild & Free!!

the backside is unglazed and with a beautiful design so if it happens to turn while wearing there is still something pretty to look at :)

I decided to keep the bracelet about as simple as I could get because I LOVE this flower button ( by Lisa Peters Art) and knew I wanted to add it to my stack bracelet collection...

I love chunky, stackable bracelets. I tend to layer them on...

The enameled copper blanks (by Cathleen Zaring- BlueHareArt) quickly worked up into earrings...

the colors are so fun on these! A good dangle and pops of color!

There's no shortage of bullet casings in this house since we try to hit the shooting range as often as we can and save all our shells because I love to use them in my jewelry pieces.

I capped my thick leather cording in .22 casings. Turns out they're a perfect fit :)

The dragonfly is by Trace Dock (Classic Bead) and I wired it up on some copper with a polished sodalite, vintage sapphire rhinestone rondel and a polished turquoise...

Thanks for stopping by to see what I  created with my soup. Be sure to visit the rest of the participants on the list :
Click HERE for the blog list

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Life & Little Things...Mr. Handsome, Mr. Talented

So I'd like to call this blog edition: My Husband, Mr. Handsome, Mr. Talented...
We're a pretty artsy, creative, fun family... a couple of years ago Mr. Handsome picked up a wood burner and some wood and started playing around with some designs as another creative outlet. As it turns out, he totally rocks at it and he LOVES working with this medium...

Here's a few of my favorites that he's worked on recently or is currently still working on...

Star in progress

Wizard of Oz on large slice

large crystal grid

Harry Potter inspired Wand/Spatula and cutting board

 So now I share my studio with a super hunky and talented artist and I enjoy peeking over my shoulder to watch him work while I work and occasionally he catches me and laughs and calls me a creeper...GUILTY :) 

Now we're brainstorming a studio redo/revamp to really maximize function and organization and also have a cozy area by the fireplace to relax, read, sketch, daydream, brainstorm, etc...

If you want to see more of his work and works in progress check out his Instagram!

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Life and Little Things...and BEAD SOUP!

Bead Soup! The BSBP Bead Hoarders Edition is coming up! Lori has been struggling with some pretty bad health issues but is on the mend and I was sooooo excited to hear she was feeling up to hosting the Bead Soup Blog Party this year! I was paired up with the amazingly talented Elizabeth Hodges of The Whispering Seas

Take a peek at what she send me...I'm drooling

The heart is by Sue Vandever (Susieqbeads), the daisy and the dragonfly on the ribbon are by Trace Dock (Classic Beads), the sunflower button is by Lisa Peters Art, and the enamel pair is by Cathleen Zaring (BlueHareArt).

I'm so excited to brainstorm, sketch, play and create with these goodies and see what I come up with. AND to see what my partner whips up with the goodies I sent her.

The reveal date is set for March 24th. Be sure to stop back and see what I came up with :)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Life and Little Things...2017 kicks off

Kicking off my first post of 2017 :) Here's a peek at what's on my work table and almost complete...

I've been hoarding these beautiful blue denim Aventurine rounds for a while and finally put them to perfect use with this "evil eye" rhinestone pendant. Deciding on the length, clasp and how I'd like for it to close...traditional or slightly different...

2017 has me on a Kombucha kick...healthy gut, healthy you and all that jazz...

and this beauty is what I'm currently reading...aside from the great reviews those black dyed pages are what really sold me on this one! 

A Court of Mist and Fury left me with a major book hangover. My goodness, what a story! I wasn't sure if it was really going to be my thing/genre but all the reviews and everyone in my book group raving on about this series and then the final straw was when I got the first two books from my secret book elf. I jumped right in and was instantly HOOKED!

These cute little personalized charms are now available in my etsy shop. Pick your letter and let me know at checkout :) Super cute!

2017 is off to a great start! 

Monday, December 05, 2016

Life and Little Things...Bookish Things

I haven't done a book blog in forever it seems. I'm pretty proud of myself, this year I actually stuck to a New Years "Goal" which was to not force myself to read anything that doesn't hold my interest and I set a Good Reads reading goal for myself. First I set it for 25 books and then reached that pretty quickly so I kept up-ing it. Finally, I just left it at I think 35 and blew right by that. So far ending the year at 42 books read this year but there is still the whole month of December left and I'm pretty sure I'll knock a few more off my TBR pile :)

So here we go... grab some coffee and hang out a bit

I subscribe to OWLCRATE and have to say their boxes are soooooo cool and they have never let me down yet this year! Vassa in the Night is a Russian folklore re-telling. BUT it's not even what you'd think it would be. Its this fantastical, magical, dark, bizarre story and I could not put this book down. 

Three Dark Crowns is currently in progress still because I paused it to start Heartless by Marissa Meyer...I just couldn't wait so I'll revisit this one and let you know what I thought...

Heartless!! Not quite finished but finished enough to tell you how enjoyable of read this is. It's an Alice in Wonderland re-telling ( Can you tell I'm into re-tellings lately?) and it's just been such a fun read! I mean, come on, Alice in Wonderland. It's everything you'd think it would be and more. 

This is a fun little charm I made to include with a gift box of goodies for my Secret Santa exchange for book group :) Love way it turned out! 

and a quick snap of the 9 3/4 wood burned sign my hubby made me :) 

So now onto How to Hang a Witch...ummmm...again I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! Such a great story. Paranormal, witches, Salem history. I loved the main characters. I loved the twists and turns. I gasped at certain things that I didn't see coming. It's a great read. It's currently available as an e-book for $1.99 I'm not sure when that price will change. 

and a quick run down of whats been blowing up my kindle these days...

The Taryn's Camera series by Rebecca Patrick-Howard which is another paranormal series
I'm currently on book #5 and still going. Totally fun, enjoyable, quick reads. 

also finished up the first two books in Brenda Novak's newest series The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles. I can't wait for book #3. Very suspenseful, creepy, edge of your seat, serial killer read! Highly recommend.
What good reads are you cozied up with?