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Life & Little Things...Playing catch up!

I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged last! How did that happen?! This will have to be a hodge podge catch up post and then hopefully I can get my booty in gear and stay on track without such a ridiculous gap between postings lol! 

The hubby and I celebrated out 2 year wedding anniversary at a Foo Fighters Concert and it totally rocked per usual! They never disappoint :) 

Back to school and picture day happened and these two cuties just got their pics back :) 3rd & 8th grade is motoring along. Seems crazy that Thanksgiving break is already coming up!

Random and rare selfie lol! but I was super excited about my new hat!

Sweater weather is officially here and I am perfectly ok with it! Mornings and evenings spent cozied up working on knitting things...

I'm OBSESSED with these project bags from Home Row Fiber seriously obsessed, they are absolutely gorgeous!

We've been randomly finding these little fuzzy guys everywhere!

 I recorded a commercial…

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