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Summer, summer, summertime!

I had a whole blog post all complete and ready to publish and then it just blooped itself into oblivion so I had to start all over again lol! Summer vacation is in full swing! 

We've kicked off our Summer reading...

Always a fan of the library!

My almost 13 year old finished up this classic and highly recommended it after complaining that the movie was definitely not as good as the book lol 

We've gotten a few morning trail hikes in having fun exploring the woods and taking polaroids of some interesting findings from the viewpoint of my 8 year old :)

My "Leftie" shawl is growing...I've repeated the colors 3 more times since this pic was taken and I plan to just keep going until I run out of yarn so I'm hoping it's going to be fairly large and colorful! Its one of the knits I pick up and work on whenever I feel like it. Great TV knitting.

Any chance to help out Nonno mow the lawn and steer the mower...

I've spent more time in the studio. I have some n…

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