Friday, February 23, 2018

Life & Little Things...Year of Socks

I promise I'll have some jewelry content to blog about soon but the past few weeks in the studio seem to have revolved around knitting...Probably because we have a fireplace in the studio and its been so cold and my wall of yarn has been calling to me loudly lol! Cozy! Also because I've been obsessed with sock knitting. I'm declaring 2018 the year of socks! 

I figure if I keep at least 2 pairs of socks on the needles at all times I can rotate what I feel like working on and still get other projects complete along with at least 1-2 new pairs of socks per month... 

And even though I have 2 cardigans I'm working on I'm seriously itching to get this Wool and the Gang tunic sweater cast on lol! I have major castonitis...I've been casting on ALL OF THE THINGS! lol 

I thought I was getting ahead of myself and going to overwhelm myself but plain vanilla socks in fun colors and stripes are mindless, autopilot knits perfect for when watching TV or when the youngest is reading out loud to me for his reading logs or when I'm catching up on podcasts...

above is a Fiber for the People- Light Through the Trees dyed yarn with a Jade mini for the heels, toes and cuffs. I've already finished this one and am about to turn the heel on the second one so I'll have those done this week and on my feet! :) and below I have a Knitpicks Hawthorne handpainted yarn called Woodstock...not the greatest pic the colors are more vibrant and that its showing up but scroll up and you'll see a better pic of the colors in the first pic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE both of these yarns. They feel terrific and have knitted up quickly. I've got the heel already turned on the second sock and am halfway up the leg (Knitting them toe up) so that will be yet another pair that are hopefully on my feet this week. That'll put my sock count at 4 pairs of socks so far for 2018. I'm pretty proud of that!! lol!

Between Valentines day and 100th day of school day the littlest guy has been having fun working on school projects with me :) This is him presenting his 100th day of 2nd grade 100 pom pom t shirt he designed :) 

oh yea and did I mention I decided to participate in some #KALS (knit alongs) Fiber for the People is doing a year of hats KAL and I've completed 1 for January, 2 for February and this one I started won't count for anything but its a gift knit so it still makes me happy lol! Plus hats knit up lickety split anyways :) 

So as I mentioned, I am finishing up some jewelry pieces to add to the shop and blog but sometimes I just gotta follow my muse and whats inspiring me and lately my yarn stash has really been making me happy. As long as I'm making, creating and keeping my brain and hands busy I'm a happy maker. 
What makes your brain and muse happy these days? post a link to your blog or instagram or fb or whatever it may be so I can see what you're working on. I always love seeing what everyone is working on :)

Friday, February 02, 2018

Life & Little Things...Knitty Things

I've got new stitch markers/Progress keepers up in the shop. I actually put them up last week but because I've been such a blog slacker lol ...I've got more on the way! They're really fun and I've even made myself several to attach to my projects and project bags. 

These two sets both include one of my lampwork glass bead focals but still small and light enough that its not too heavy even for fingering weight projects...

Sooooooo...Here's the thing, I can't seem to stop casting on socks...or buying yarn...

This skein was called  Ravenclaw, so duh! obviously I had to have it...

Not entirely sure how I feel about the contrasting heel on these but we shall see. I almost wish I would have gone with a darker color...

This pair is knitting up quickly. The colors are soooooo yummy and the yarn feels soft but rustic and sturdy so I'm hoping they wear well

aaaaaaaand well because it's been a a long many years, I decided it was time to cast on a new sweater. A cardigan actually. Actually I have another one I started before Christmas that I'm still working on and it's coming along pretty good. I think I have like 2 more balls of yearn to go through before I can bind off on that one and seam it where it needs it. THIS one is a mix of texture and pattern and I think it might take me a little while lol! But it'll be so pretty and totally my style and worth it once I'm finished. PLUS this yarn tho! holy moly it's so pretty and nice to knit with!

Socks! 2 pairs to be exact about 3 maybe 4 more on the needles lol! If you've followed my blog over the years you might remember seeing me talk about wanting to sock knit. I think I added it to my goals each year at the New Year. I would say it,  pick it up with DPN's and then give up before I even had anything resembling any type of sock. I just can't seem to handle DPN's. So thanks to Lorelei Eurto  and Youtube and Magic Loop method it finally clicked and made sense to me and now I can't stop knitting socks lol

I really had fun with these stripy colored socks. I'm not sure what happened from the first sock to the 2nd one but I got totally different striping (more like pooling) on the leg of the 2nd one but they're just socks and they're for me and I still love them and the colors and had so much fun with this Madeline Tosh yarn so I don't care :)

I also signed up for Fiber Share which I'm really excited about! I've done plenty of bead swaps so I figured a knitty, fiber swap has to be just as fun! I'll blog more about that next time and introduce my fiber share besties :)

Its still cold, snowy and did I mention COLD here in Michigan so I'm perfectly happy cozying up with my coffee and knitting and getting as much work from home time in as I can.

Today I got to hang up my fabulous new sign my hubby burned for me! I was super excited about that! He does AMAZING work! If you are curious about wood burning (pyrography) be sure to check out his instagram @elouis78 

Thanks for stopping by! Drop a comment below and let me know what crafty endeavors you're working on! 

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Life & Little things...and Knitty Things

Happy New Year! Kicking off 2018 on a knitting spree! Make yourself cozy, grab a cup of tea or coffee...

I live in Michigan where the air hurts my face for at least 5 months out of the year so knitting is ALWAYS an option :) I started knitting as a kid like 7 or 8 yrs old. My grandma and aunt taught me and it kept me busy for years (basic knitting: scarfs, washcloths that sort of thing) then in high school it was sort of forgotten about and then picked back up again after graduation while browsing different craft books from the library. I still stayed pretty basic knitting accessories mostly. This year I'm trying to expand my horizons and tackle and attempt some other cool knitty goods that I've always wanted to try or that I've pinned to my Pinterest etc...

Ive been addicted to watching the wool.needles.hands - fiber for the people yarn podcast and Tayler the lovely hosts and designer/dyer of the yarn started a Knit a Long #KAL for her fire pit mitts pattern so I jumped right in and cast on after watching a few videos on youtube about how to magic loop because me and DPNs  don't mix well...

I had such a blast whipping up these fire pit mitts for my hubby! I'm definitely going to be making myself a pair soon!

Side note: I love these Lykke driftwood circulars. They are gorgeous and smooth to work with. The cable can be a little stiff though.

Little dude was wanting a Minecraft "tube" as he calls it lol! I whipped this up right before Christmas for him. No pattern just eyeballed it all the way so it was pretty simple.

Then I was browsing the web and came upon Brome Fields website and their chunky knits. Oooooooooh I just love me some chunky knits so I started up their "decisiveness" cardi/sweater and I'm still going on it...

pretty easy and basic pattern but the project is getting heavier and heavier as it grows lol! and it needs to grow even more because I need like 40" in total for the length I'm looking for.

It's currently living in a tote I made myself years ago with some fun prints but I love it! It's roomy and holds bigger projects like this one :)

Youtube is quite amazing and addicting lol! Lorelei Eurto got me hooked on these sock knitting tutorials and wow what a difference Magic Loop Toe Up Sock knitting makes! Where has this been all my life? Have I been living under a rock? 

I went from being terrified of socks to casting on two different pairs. What the what? Yes!! and I'm LOVING IT!! it's so addicting! slow going but a nice little small project that can easily be picked up and put down. So it may be a while still before I'm wearing any of these but in the mean time I'm having so much fun!

Sidenote: ChiaoGoo red lace cable needles are my kryptonite. They are sooooooooooo incredibly lovely to work with. The cables are like none of any other type of brand I've ever tried. So pliable and easy to work with. No snagging. Sharp needles but not to sharp that they split my stitches and they're smooth and fast...and I can't stop ordering Chiaogoo circular needles.

So when I'm not at the office or out on appointments I'm hibernating in front of the fire with coffee, tea and knitting. There are just too many knitty things I want to cast on!

What crafty things are you working on? Are you knitter? Crocheter? Painter? let me know what you like to work with. I'd love to hear about it!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Life & Little Things...Baby, it's cold outside

The cold temps and snow have officially kicked off Winter here in the mitten state.
Color keeps me going...

Incorporating fiber into my work...colorful fibers

my knitty projects are chunky and colorful as well...

What inspires you this time of year? What are you working on? whats on your needles, hook, sewing table, etc?

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Thanks for stopping by!