Life & Little Things...Happy Holidays

  The holidays really crept up on me this year. What a strange year its been, right?! Winter break started up officially today! I’m really looking forward to some down time for the next couple of weeks. 

I’ve been happily enjoying time in the studio working on new things for the shop. 

I have added a Minimalist Collection to my website full of beautiful yet simple pieces that are great stand alone pieces or to be layered. I’ve been enjoying making a mess with all my hammers and texture tools and stamps. Taking the time to really pick and choose special, unique charms and pendants and trinkets. 

I have more things to finish up and photograph and get uploaded but I’m honestly in no hurry. All orders that needed to be shipped out in time for Christmas have been shipped. USPS has be super backed up and delayed which is frustrating but understandable. 

No big plans for the holidays for us. Very low key and chill and we’re perfectly fine with it. Our whole year has just about been low key and chill lol! 

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy and enjoying a quiet and comfortable holiday season! 


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