yickity split

Feeling a tad under the weather today, Not sure what's up with that. Maybe it's the weather changing because it's considerable cooler today and get's really cold at night now. Hopefully I'll snap out of it asap. Germ's be gone! :)

So it's officially a movie lazy do nothing R & R days. What's on my agenda today? I started out with the Human Stain, however I'm having trouble staying with it. I'm finding a little creepy and too much to handle with Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins in love scenes, blah! Love em both think their amazing however naked together not so much. I've also got Ocean's Twelve but joe's making me save that one for the weekend so he can watch it too. So I may just have to cozy up with Noah and a little bit o' Napoleon! Survivor is on tonight!!! woohoooo! AND the OC. Oh man a double whammy. I love Thursday nights! Normally I just record it and watched while I work but I'm feeling a tad on the poo side so I think I'll just be a couch potatoe today and maybe just maybe I'll feel up to getting some much needed work done. Well, I'm off for now. Have a terrific day and I'll be on later for more chatter.


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