monday already?

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Just a quickie for now to say there's slight delay in bead specials , yes I got alot done this weekend but I didn't get to finish off any sets the way I want because my vent system went out and Joe's ganna work on it tomorrow or wed. so no beadies until at least then. I guess I could put up what I have so far and maybe I will we'll see but I'd really like to be able to offer a lot more and maybe even have something for ebay as well but we'll see. So in the mean time I'm off to cuddle up with Noah and watch Prison Break (LOVE IT!) and then I need to get on the ball and finish up some bridal orders so I can hurry up and start a huge one that just came in and needs to be out straight away. This order has inspired a new design for a bracelet I think it's the color combo that is just sooooo gorgeous for the fall and winter season. So more coming soon!!! I'll try and get back on later for more of a chat but I'm off for now! Have a great night!


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