update on Marsha

I just recieved this email from Ron. I still have to email him back so if I find out anymore info I'll be sure to post here. Here's a copy and paste of the email.

Marianna,Marsha requested that I get some info to you.Her and her family are alive. At this time they have no power, gas, phones,food, but they have plenty of water. Please join me in praying for her family.

I'm so happy to know she's ok but I ask for continued prayers that they stay safe and can soon get food and power restored. I think I'll feel a whole heck of alot better once I actually get to hear her voice. And thank you to whoever posted the tid bit about when it's predicted that power will get to be turned back on in her area. Hopefully it'll be even sooner. Just in case phones go back up first I keep trying periodically through out the day for the past 2 wks and will continue doing so. Please keep praying and I'll try to get on later for more chatting.


JustMe said…

info on poplarville, might help.

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