Are you ready for this? Big vent!!

ok so you've been warned I'm pretty pissed off right now. I have had a busy day of running around getting all my errands done so I load up the car with all my orders that needed to be shipped, library books and movies to return, bills to pay, a few items to returnand big bag of diapers, baby clothes and a TON of baby formula huge things of it brand new and head out to the Red Cross to do a drop off for the hurricane relief and they TURNED ME DOWN!!!! Said they aren't accepting donations right now!!!!! WHAT!!!??!! right now? then when? what's up with that!? Well I bit my tongue and got the heck out of there before I said something totally out of control and found a church with a sign noting that they were taking donations instead. After much debate on whether I should put up a charity bead auction to donate I decided against it and went with buying some much needed goods to send down there. That's a whole other story with the charity auction bit. It's been a whole big debate and arguement among the beading community where some people feel that some bead artists are only doing the charity bead auctions to make themselves look good and up their bids and increase bidders and if they wanted to donate they should just donate themselves and without publicly getting acknowledged for it, like it's just being done for show which I won't even get into because it really makes no sense to me since it's not like they are getting to keep this money for themselves it's being donated to a good cause and we should all be happy to see all the $ that's being generated by our community of beaders but of course that's not how some people see it. And so I just said screw it and went out and bought what I wanted to donate and the stinking Red Cross of all places basically said "nah, not right now..." so whatever that's my vent and now I'm Mrs. crabby pants about it so I'm off for now to go pick up the house and watch a Baby Einstein video with Noah before our company get's here. I'll be back on later on with a much happier, cheery chat. I'm sure I'll be out of my funk by then.


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