Sunday early in the day

I think I'm a glutton for punishment...ebay has been very disappointing for me and yet I still continue to list. So 2 more auctions will be going up later this evening and then I'm going to concentrate on some bead specials to add to the storefront and see if you all don't like that arrangement much better. Having a great weekend, the weather is a bit hot but super nice in the mornings and evenings so we've been strolling Noah around for walks at those times. He's 6 weeks old today!!!! :)

Had a fun late night visit with my friend Carrie last night she ran out of a specific color of glass that she needed and sprung on over since she just lives down the street a few miles pretty much and we turned into a couple of chatter boxes like always and next thing we knew it was after midnight good thing Noah let's mommy sleep good lol! So anyhow that's the perks of living close to another lampworker right? We both agree we're jealous of the other lampworkers who live close to glass suppliers. Sometimes it slows down our order filling time having to wait on glass shippments but oh well I have to say we have pretty awesome customers who are always understanding if there does happen to be a delay :) So anyhow we're offto go eat a feast of a lunch at my parents house and do some running around (halloween costume shopping for Noah) and then I'll be back on later to get those auctions up for ya! I have one auction ending in a few hours check that one out! Talk more in a bit!


Star*Girl said…
sorry about that guys, spammers are out of control lately.
Carrie McKinney said…
Hey just stopped in to say hi. I love your snowman bead dangle! He would make a great cell phone charm! LOL! I am coming over again soon!!! It's better to chat in person plus then I get to hold Noah!! Thanks for the glass! Oh and I think I am going to go order a bunch of the cell phone charms if you want some I will give you some. Loveya!
Star*Girl said…
haha!!! I just ordered some and was going to suprise you with one made up pretty pink for your new phone!!! but let me know if you want some of mine cause there's a ton. they should be here soon :)

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