bad movie review...

yup, the Human Stain, good concept, terrible film. Wentworth Miller however is very easy on the eyes so although I found myself totally bored with the movie his scenes kept me pretty mesmerized lol! Anyhow, today was a pretty crisp and cool day. The nights are getting really cold. Carrie and I were having a fall wardrobe discussion and I have to say I am really excited to get into my fall wardrobe. I love my chunky sweaters and cowlneck sweaters, ponchos and long sweatercoats and most of all I LOVE my boot collection. Ankle, midcalf, knee, squaretoe, stilletto heels, pointy toe ... I love it! Pay close attention to the fashion magazines because this season it's all about the jewel tones. Greens, amethyst, rust and bronze. Gorgeous! accessorize with belts big bold belts, layer your bracelets, nice big chunky pieces on your wrist layer your bracelets, loooooonnnggg linear earrings, chandelier style is still HOT and as for necklaces you'll see alot of BIG bold pieces like big wood beads betty rubble style and layered chains non matching just for focal interest it's terrific! One again I find inspiration by watching Italian satalite (RAI) they have the best fashion programs and always seem to be ions ahead of US fashion trends plus it's fun to read their Desperate Housewives forums lol!
well it's been a nice relaxing day. I did head out to my parents construction site earlier to shoot some pics of the house and it's progress I need to upload them it's crazy how far along it is. The windows are in! The bricks are going up! It's all coming together! They are getting so excited it's terrific!
So when feeling icky and a movie has gone bad what else is there to do except online shop right? So what did I get? So new groovy special mix glass! Hooray! New glass! As soon as I saw these new colors it sparked a whole new slew of creativity at the torch for me. I have a TON of new ideas and designs running amok in my head I won't be able to sleep. I'm heading off right now to go sketch out some goods so I don't lose anything important. Have a great night!!!


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