weekend gab

Fall is definitly here. Noah and I went for a walk we just got back a few minutes ago and it was nice to feel the cool crisp evening air on my face. I got a little too carried away and about half way through our walk I realized how far I had gone and I was so wishing I had the cell phone. "Hi yeah Joe come pick us up!" lol! but I made it! Plus last night I hung out with Carrie for a while and I had gotten my striptease workout dvd and so we put it in just for kicks just to see what I'm getting myself into and I gotta say it's pretty cool so we kinda did a walk through...mostly from the comfort of my couch but then after Carrie left I was all inspired to do the full workout and yyyeeaaah as if I hadn't inflicted enough pain on myself for one 24 hour period I then decided to walk to timbuktoo and back. It should be an interesting (and painful) Sunday lol! I finally got my wireless internet working! wooohoooo! Joe's friend Carlos came over and hooked me up good so I'm good to go so now I can venture farther than my living room. Actually took it out to the mailbox and studio earlier just because I CAN! I wasn't sitting out at the curb by the mailbox surfing the net or anything I know that's what you are picturing (Marsha that means you!) Joe's currently ripping up a cracked tile from the fireplace hearth and replacing it. Noah is napping (must be rough having mum push you around the neighborhood for miles lol!) so I think I'm going head back up to the studio and make myself something pretty for once. I've been working on a squeeze bracelet for myself, no worries I'm working on more specials too and a thing or two for ebay MAYBE don't quote me on that cause I may just split it all up into nice sized specials too. I'm not sure yet. Then I'll be spending the rest of the night finishing up two bridal orders that need to go out pronto and one of them is a biggie and I'm only half way through with it so I'm ganna be a busy little beader tonight and probably burning the midnight oil tomorrow night as well. I'll probably be back on for some more chatter later. Oh and PS. I need to reinstall my Java in order to update the bead specials page and two of the sets are now SOLD but since I am unable to get in to update I'll go ahead and take orders on those if more of you want it is a glitch on my end after all :) Have a nice evening!


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