Super Friday!

yippy! it's Friday! Whatcha got planned for the weekend? I'm not sure what we've got going on actually. I think we are going to venture out for some shopping. I still haven't gotten to see the new addition to the big mall just past the state line in Ohio. It's only about 20 odd minutes away and the new addition is gorgeous according to my mom and megan. The bathrooms are special unisex made for parents with "stations" that are spotlessly clean and equiped with bottle warmers and all sorts of cool stuff so it makes it easy for parents and baby to shop. They want to you be able to stay and shop for long periods of time right? fine by me! lol! Joe has an open house on Sunday and then dinner with my parents and gotta squeeze in this weeks episode of the OC that we recorded and of course my new favorite past time, watching Napoleon Dynamite. What's my obsession with this movie?! I don't know but I think it's the coolest movie on the planet! that's right I said it, on the planet!!! Doesn't anyone agree or is it just the groovy nerd in me. Ah well I digress, so anyhow I've got some beady ideas brewing up in my head as well so I'm ganna give myself some ample torch time to play around and see what I come up with for some bead specials and possibly another auction. Speaking of auctions I have TWO ending in a couple of hours! Go check those out and don't forget to have a wonderful weekend! I'm sure I'll probably be on later with some additional goofy chat who know's! Have a great day!

Look at what I have the pleasure of looking at all day! It's all this kid does is smile and laugh...well when he's not sleeping that is lol!

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