Back and in better spirits!

howdy boys and girls! I'm in a better mood so don't fret. I have been working on Noah's scrapbook it's so much fun and Marsha sent me some awesomely cool pages she made up and I've been filling in the blanks so to speak on those and they are sooooo cute! If I can manage a good picture I'll post some soon! I am so in the mood for fall now! I saw kids going around the neighborhood raking the leaves that are already starting to fall. I picked up Noah's Halloween costume over the weekend and it's tooooo stinkin cute I can't wait for Halloween I'll have pics of that too of course. I have had so many bead request for fall beads so those will be coming soon. I've also been working on some custom orders in beautful fall colors even a big bridal that I've been working on is in gorgeous shade of cocoa and warm orange color crystals (the dresses are so gorgeous!) Hopefully I'll be able to get a picture up on the bride scrapbook page to show. I've got a new gallery coming soon offering my artwork in other mediums I'm still working out the details with Marsha but I'm excited about it. I've only ever offered and been commissioned for my paintings locally through word of mouth and referrals etc. I've been thinking about making it available online for a while now and am finally taking the steps to bring it to you. More on that later...Artzee is back up and rolling so go ahead and vote again! Wanna know what's got me in a better mood? I've added two new reads to my nightstand (actually one of them I carry around with me for durring the day and the other is my night time read) I've got Bak in Black by Zoey Dean A-list series in my bag and since I'm finishing up Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella I'm going to be starting 13 little blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson so I'll keep ya all on the up and up on how those reads go. Also it was a fantabulous mail day today so the icing on the cake for me today was my new t shirt that arrived!

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I'm heading off to go bathe Noah and then we're ganna wrap up my nephews B day presents, tomorrow is Giovanni's 2nd b day!


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