Saturday, September 17, 2005

torchin it up!

I got a whole lotta torchin in today and it felt good. I squeezed it in this morning, after lunch, after shopping, and again this evening. What did I make? Well for some strange reason and Carrie can vouch for this... I only made black, white and red beads. Why is that strange you ask well let me tell ya: I never make the same bead twice in a row, I never use the same color twice in a row and I rarely make the same design twice in a row so clearly to have spent so much time at the torch in one day AND only made a certain style of beads ALL DAY LONG it must be a full moon or perhaps I'm delirious. I'm itching for a pretty squeeze bracelet to call my own. How I've made it this long without making myself some squeeze beads to make me one is beyond me, well ok so I have been quite busy but still everytime I make them for others I want to keep them for myself so I finally started me up a set and I figure I'll sneak one in here and there in between bead special beads and orders and eventually I will have enough to make myself somethin' pretty.

In non beady news, I got the thumbs up from my doc this week to resume normal activity so hooray finally I can get back to yoga (love it!) and god help me cause I think I'm ganna be hurting here soon but I also ordered myself Carmen Electra's Striptease areobics video which I've been seeing everywhere lately and it looks so stinkin' cool and fun I'll start off with disc 1 and if I like it and haven't thrown my back out or broken any bones I hope to make it to disc 5 (the hip hop lap dance) someday. Next on my wish list...booty ballet! I'm so not into excercise, anyone who knows me knows that I hate to sweat and that I frown upon anything that may even make me glisten even just a teeny bit so this is a big stretch for me I usually stick to strickly yoga and I"m not even talking the hard core yoga I'm talking stretching, meditating yoga so wish me luck. I'm the type of person who love to buy and wear work out clothing. I like the illusion of working out and looking like I like to keep fit and looking like I'm active lol! I'll let you know how it goes. I'm off to unwind for the night bathe my baby and settle in for a bedtime story for Noah and then tuk up in bed for a nice read for me. Good Night! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Stay tuned for more bead specials.

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