Thursday! and yet another new auction!

I'm on a roll I tell ya! I've been having so much fun playing around at the torch and trying out new tools and glass and frits. I'm a bit of a frit addict if you really must know. This new set is all lentils and encased dot spacers using pretty watercolor like colors. The frit is soooooo pretty and it's called Monet. It was really hard for me to get a good picture the lentils are FULL of pretty color bits all swirled up but it looks kinda dark in the picture so you'll have to trust me on how much prettier and more color there is in person. Per usual here's a LINK to the auction but it's not set to start until later this evening. CLICK HERE.

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Also there's been a ton of progress on my parent's new construction of their home. Big difference from the previous pics I posted here ay? Crazy how it goes from a hole in the ground to this:

Front of House
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Side/back of House
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JustMe said…
found this, not sure if it helps.
Re: Poplarville - Taylor, McClendon and Lee famili
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Before the phone lines went down, I talked to several
people in Poplarville. I talked to a family friend in
Southern Acres (right off 53 S, directly south of the
Hattiesburg Clinic office). He said there were
downned trees, but didn't mention demolished houses.
I talked to another friend on Hwy. 11 North (north of
the hospital), and they had trees down everywhere, a
couple on their house, and other minor damage. There
were at least two tornadoes in Poplarville. I was
also told that the Radio Shack is in the middle of
Main Street, Hanmango Bank was destroyed, Longleaf
Farm and Garden Center (formerly Paul Bounds) is
ruined, and the new jail in Millard lost it's roof.
The day of the hurricane I talked to a friend whose
husband is on the sherrif's dept, and they couldn't
even get out for the emergency calls. I was told that
50% or more of the trees there are down. My mother
and brother are here at my house in AL, and we can't
find out from anyone if they can get back home.

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