Tuesday updates and chat

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How funny is this sign lol! so anyhow I've been studying my Frontpage for dummies book and playing around with the program building up a cool new site for Joe's real estate needs and so I think I'm feeling confident enough for Marsha to let me loose on my site now...eh, not planning on touching any of it just yet though but I will however update my about me page and add some updated pics, an updated bio and my new little guy of course :) and then I can also quit bugging Marsha for Contest updates which is coming up again so keep voting! Then I think I'll add some Bead specials and give ebay a break or maybe just list one set a week or every two weeks or whatever. If all goes well with these minor pages then maybe I'll be good to go with updating some inventory as well :) Marsha especially right now has more than her hands full with this hurricane mess. I picked up some doubles of diapers and formula and then cleared through some clothes to donate to the hurricane relief so I'm heading out to one of the drop off centers. I'll be back on to chat some more later. Have a great day! And if you have a chance take a peek at my beady auctions


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