4th fun, beads and Bedtime riddles

We had a great 4th and the show was a success and so much fun! I managed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed today but I think I might be going through Chai withdrawl lol! Spent the weekend trying out all the Chai latte's everywhere we went, so yummy I couldn't even pick a favorite! Uploaded and worked on pictures and these really brightened my mood...

I have a bit of a storefront obsession. I LOVE pretty storefronts and taking pictures of them and storing them all into a little part of my brain (and computer) for inspiration :)

down by the river (Pigeon River in Indiana)

smoothies and Chai that's what the weekend was full of lol!

(downtown Shipshewana, IN)
isn't this the sweetest thing! a store front garden such a cute idea!

Cupcakes...yum!! and oh I LOVE that pink!

down by the river again

and again...

some flea market fun!

this cute little guy was smaller than a quarter I kid you not. Cutest and tiniest little thing! Noah carried him around for a bit and then we set him free.

Coming home from a long weekend a little bit tired but mentally refreshed with new beads in tow and ideas flowing...

this fringy beauty was on my mind the minute I saw these beads and it's just as fabulous and comfortable as the other one! I think I'll be getting this up in my Etsy Shop later today so keep a look out.

these lovelies came out of the kiln just as I had hoped. This is another color combo I never tire of, it's an ocher pea green and turquoise shade that I love. I'm still playing around with them to decide what their final destination will be, I'll be sure to let you know ;)


Anonymous said…
Oh Marianna what eye candy you have posted and I just loved reading all about your adventures!! That little darling frog is just too cute!!

Sorry it's been forever since I've visited, ugh! Hugs though♥

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