Come here often?

I think I've got my blog looking right about how I want it to now. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Anyhow I didn't mean for such a long silence this week but just playing catch up after a long weekend away. The bracelet above is of a simple bead style bracelet that really packs a punch and it hasn't left my wrist all week. I totally LOVE everything about it, I must be on a role because I know I said the exact same thing about last weeks Sizzler :) I'll definitely be making more of these but in the mean time this one is staying in my personal collection ;)

Just a few snaps of us enjoying a few days of simple beach living :)

I did my best to get us all in the frame lol! This is a nice quiet (SUPER early) misty morning on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, it was GORGEOUS!

At the beach. Lake Michigan is gorgeous, super clean and super cold but so beautiful. It was packed, guess we weren't the only ones with beach bumming on the brain :) I'll share some more once I get them all uploaded...

Hello there gorgeous, come here often? lol! I LOVE this bracelet! This one was created by my fabulously talented beady friend Angela. It's one of many of her fun creations and it will be another of her fun classes that she'll be teaching for us at The BirdsNest Boutique. This is more of a detailed shot but the whole bracelet is full of beautiful treats including a large focal stone and a very cool toggle design! Jazz Hands beaded rings will be coming up July 11. So if you are in the area and would like more info email me, we only have a couple of more spots left.

Tomorrow from 10-12:30 we have a fellow artisan who is also a bird keeper and she'll be bringing in 4 of her beautiful feathered friends to the Boutique for a tropical bird show. So if you'd like a way to keep your little one busy while you shop or are a bird lover (like me!) you'll love this little show. Stop on out and see us!
It's been storming on and off all day and it looks like it'll be carrying on into the night so I'm outta here and ganna go curl up with a book. I've got a stack a mile high of books I cannot wait to devour :) Nighty Night!


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