Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Years Buzz

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Well it's 2009 and everyone I talk too lately all seem to be buzzing about the same things, goals, hopes, dreams and resolutions for 2009.
I went and dug out my blog post from last year as well as my handwritten private journaled resolutions and goals and I have to say I did quite well. I can't complain and I'm really proud of everything I managed to accomplish and do in 2008. For 2009 I have more of the same planned just kicking it up a notch and lot's of new big things planned. Dream big, right?!
Do you have a list like this? do you keep it private? tucked away in your head? written down on paper? blogged? a little bit of everything (like I do?)
Let's all share a few things from our lists. Perhaps we'll spark even more inspiration in each other.

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Mana Moon Studios said...

Ah yes, loads of changes in store for '09! I've been trying out new selling venues and have a few more publications set up so that's all fun and exciting. I imagine the greatest goal is finding more time for being creative, family and for me. Here's to a fabulous year ahead♥