Hope you had a wonderful Christmas (or Hannuka, or Kwanza or any other holidays that are celebrated that I'm forgetting.) We spent our similar to how we spend Thanksgiving, with family and lot's of great food and then of course there's presents:) My big present this year was this! I love Brother machines it's what I've had for the past almost 10 yrs and so this new one is computerized and has sooooo many more bells and whistles I'm so excited :) I also got lot's of clothes, shoes and purses and more storage, oranization stuff, tools and work related stuff for the studio (much needed!) The living room, foyer and rec room pretty much looks like Santa's workshop exploded lol! Santa brought Noah all sorts of cool stocking stuffers and lot's of Hotwheels and Hotwheels tracks and his big Road Ripper Hummer Truck that he's been going nuts over as well as several new games and puzzles (I'm particularly excited to play with the new Leap Frog Click Start computer hehe! ) a tent & sleeping bag, some Melissa & Doug learning toys, Playdough, microphone, cash register and clothes and some other things I can't even think of right now, so I'd say the kid is all set for quite some time lol!

Can you belive that 2008 is almost here? This year has flown by in a flash, I say it every year but I truthfully can't remember a year that has gone by quite this fast. I have to send out a BIG thank you to all my friends and family for always supporting me and my work and of course to all of you for reading my blog, visiting my site and purchasing my little works of art. I feel very very blessed to have had another successful year and to have met so many new people both in person and online.

I have been thinking about my 2008 Goals and New Years Resolutions and of course there is the usual Diet & Excercise one that I add every year lol! but as far as business goes I have several different ideas I want to bring to life, lot's more goals (time to raise the bar again) a few minor things like organizational stuff and once again I'm adding my knitting goal of SOCKS! This year I'm fully prepared with great classes at Vintage Yarns it is seriously the coziest place I've ever walked into and everyone there is so amazing! :)

Literary wise I'm plan to still go full speed ahead for the 6th (gosh it might actually be 7 yrs now!) year in a row with my writings and review managing for they're the best and so much fun to work with! I have a huge list of books I look forward to reading in '08 some that are out of my usual genre or style of read that I usually enjoy so that should be interesting.

Jewelry & bead goals include lot's of new techniques and styles. Lot's of new pretty and shiney things to oogle over. Some new endeavors definitly.

I'm looking forward to the new year with my Moms In Business gals! We really motivate and encourage each other and my friend Robin always has great "homework" for us that always gets our business brains going. I'm going to start posting bits of our monthly newsletters here on my blog as well as other great and helpful links for other SAHM/WAHM's.

Seriously my list is a mile long full of idea's and plans and this entry has become quite the epic already so you'll just have check back often and follow along on my (sometimes wacky and zaney) 2008 adventures lol!

Happy New Year from my family to yours! Stay safe and many blessings in 2008!!!


Tex's Missus said…
Hi, just stumbled across your blog after searching for fave books (Catcher in the Rye in this case) and really loved your blog. I'll be dropping back soon.

Hope you have a happy 2008 !

Robin said…
wow, that was a fast year. It seems like I just read this post yesterday.

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