Life & Little Things...cruising into winter

The weather has definitely shifted around here. The heating is on, candles are lit, big fluffy blankets have been brought out and we even had some snow yesterday. So this is going to be a cozy update full of Books and knitting...

This series by Maureen Johnson has taken over my brain. I blew through all the 3 books in the series within a few weeks and now I'm anxiously anticipating the 4th book which doesn't come out until Spring. 

I also picked up a nice stack of reads for the 5th grader for his daily reading log and we've been reading them together. Taking turns reading out loud and enjoying the Nevermoor story. 

The baby-sitters Coven has been at the top of my must read list since before it was released and I finally got to it and LOVED it! It's a YA genre but I'm 41 and will proudly say I love YA and this book was such a fun read. I also love anything with a witchy storyline. Throw in a ton of 90's references and I was sold. 

This witchy story line was also a fun read. It was a quick, mindless, funny mystery. 

Ruth Ware always delivers with her mystery, suspense, creep vibe stories and this one that takes place in the Swiss Alps sucked me in. 

I'm currently reading Alice Hoffmans latest. It's the prequel to Practical Magic and again a witchy themed story and so far a historically rich and beautiful story. 

Here's a break to show my cute kids getting in some dog snuggles... Now onto knitting...

Gift knitting in full effect. Hats to be exact! Just some easy, mindless hat knitting using some gorgeous hand dyed yarn from Long Dog Yarn and Oh! Loops! 

Oh, also I early voted! and it felt sooooo good!  Did you vote yet? early? mail in? planning to vote in person? GO VOTE!!! 

Here's the covers of the rest of the Maureen Johnson series. Seriously people, this series is soooooo good!!

And then because I wanted more I decided to start one of her other series and this one takes place in London with Jack the Ripper and ghosts and I'm just finishing it up and already looking to see if there's more in this series! 

So that's what I've been up to! One hat done and the next one is just about complete too. 


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