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Well here we are in August still enjoying the lazy days of Summer, trying to stay cool and still have some fun and still social distance and still be safe and cautious... Prepping for back to school as best as I can with what little info I have so far...The youngest has declared Virtual school is where its at for him regardless of what plan goes into place for our district. As soon as it became an option he begged for virtual (which I was totally going to do anyways but I was glad to see him excited about it.) He still gets to virtually meet up with his teachers and friends and if and when we feel like it's safe to head back to F2F his seat is saved and he can go back to school and I'm good with that. 

So off I went to my favorite quarantine shopping Didn't bother measuring or paying too much attention to the sizes I just looked for a decent price and clicked buy now and 2 days later I end up with giant conference room whiteboard and 5 years worth of glue sticks and #2 pencils lol! oops! 
I'm pretty positive the oldest 2 will be fine with whatever gets decided about their back to school plan. And if we're all working from home, mine as well have a giant white board to draw on and leave what I'm sure 99% of the time will be inappropriate messages on lol! and GLUE STICKS FOR EVERYONE! 😆😂😆😂

Here's a few summer snippets from around the house...

We opted for the container gardening again this year and so far so good with all the herbs, cucumbers and green beans! 

Still on my creepy reading kick...

Grady Hendrix is incredibly brilliant and Southern Book Club so far has been one of my all time favorite reads of 2020...

You can read my reviews on Good Reads HERE

While most days I'm busy with the Realtor life and the mom life I try to set aside time for Studio Life because lets be for real studio life gives me life lol! Here's a bit of a 

And in my Netflix binging couch wind down time I've been knitting on socks like lots of socks like 4 or 5 different pairs because self striping socks are super addictive and fun to cast on and I can't seem to stop myself lol! So I think I'm getting a decent head start on some gift knitting! Here's one sock complete and another on the go...

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are enjoying your Summer (or Winter depending on where you are located 😁) 
What are you reading, watching, crafting etc? Drop a comment below and let me know! 


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