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Just thought I'd pop in a share what I've been reading lately... You can find all of my reviews and lists and lists of books to be read and currently reading over on my GoodReads  
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My sister bought me this Harry Potter knitting book for my birthday and it's truly a gorgeous book with great patterns, beautiful photography and pure joy to flip through. I'm feeling twitchy to cast on a bunch of new things because I can't decide on just one but I'm trying to wrap up some current works in progress first.

Sue Monk Kidd has always been a favorite of mine but I honestly wasn't too sure about the subject matter of her newest book, The Book Of Longings. Boy am I glad I jumped right in and went for it. This book had me reading feverishly. I highlighted, underlined, wrote in the margins, sticky notes, marked up pages etc all over this one. It was such an incredible story and it's still lingering in my thoughts.  

I didn't know who Kevin Wilson was but I saw this book mentioned on instagram at some point and then saw it pop up as one of my Book of the Month Club selections so I chose it and now I want to read anything and everything he writes. This book was such a unique, funny, weird (but in a good way!) story and I LOVED every minute of it!  

Still on my mystery/suspense/thriller kick I tend to read multiple books at once (but not like literally at once duh lol!) and this one was perfection for hooking me in and then blowing my mind with the twists. Can't wait to read the next one in the series!

Untamed is still in process and so far I am really enjoying it and again am finding myself marking up the pages and scribbling notes and reading and then re reading certain passages and really feeling the  
"ah-ha" moments. It's a real eye opener! Even if her struggles aren't your struggles or maybe you are lucky and have zero struggles, either way I guarantee you will gain something from reading this and be able to relate to more than you think.

in the middle of all my reading I had to pause for yarn and a treat yo self moment where I couldn't resist these stunning mini skeins from Suburban Stitcher who dyes up the most beautiful yarn and also has a YouTube channel that is a favorite of mine! I haven't decided what I'm going to do with them yet so stay tuned...

and lastly for this week I'll leave you with a sneaky snap of a teenager taking a break from yard work lol! This kid is turning 15 soon!! He's already starting to bug me to sign him up for Drivers Ed...I wonder how long I can get away with saying "Ok, We'll see" lol! 
I've got some new jewelry I'm working on and some new stitch markers. I'm still finishing up a few things and then start the photos and prepping for a shop update so stay tuned for that! You can also catch some sneak peeks by following me on Instagram @stargirljewelry

What have you been up to? what are you reading, crafting or anything else you might be working on? 

Stay well! 


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