Life & Little Things...Home Sweet Stay at Home

So just like most of the rest of the planet I've been hunkered down, safe at home with my family doing our part. Groceries get ordered online and then picked up curbside, homeschooling & mask wearing when we do need to leave the house, etc.
Our stay at home order has been letting up little by little BUT quite honestly it doesn't make much difference to me, I still plan to continue our new routine and practices because in reality it's worked out just fine. I'm grateful that we are safe, healthy and it's given us the time to slow down, practice better self care and even reevaluate how we live. On my end, I thought I was going to blog a ton but seriously the days have been flying by. Lots of cleaning and clearing out around the house, lots of reading (like A LOT) and lots of knitting and creating in the studio which has felt amazing! 
We've gotten into our groove with homeschooling and turns out I actually enjoy it lol! Is it hard? Yes Some days are a struggle? sure! But we're getting it done and trying to make it fun and work for us. 

Hair cuts for all 3 boys were much needed lol!  

lots of baking has been happening...

business meetings on zoom and homeschooling happens at the kitchen table, on the couch, lounging around on the floor or pretty much wherever we feel and it's fine because it gets done :)

Some crafting and mask making has been happening. It feels good to be back at the sewing machine! Also I sort of forgot just how much fabric I have accumulated over the years lol! 

This kid is dual enrolled in both HS & College and is finishing up his Freshman year and gearing up to head into 10th grade...It dawned on me a few days ago as I watched him work and I have to admit it shocked me how fast the school year went by! 

Glad we have a lot of games and puzzles lol! 

The weather is finally warming up and it feels like Summer is finally here. I think we'll finally get to go from mini adventures and activities in our backyard to venturing out to some of our favorite trails soon...

I hope this blog post finds you safe and healthy and I'd love to hear how you've been handling self quarantine/stay at home during these last few months. How has your schedule
changed? How have you been keeping busy? What are you reading or working on? and any homeschooling tips are always welcomed! :) 

Stay Safe!


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