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I haven't done a book blog in forever it seems. I'm pretty proud of myself, this year I actually stuck to a New Years "Goal" which was to not force myself to read anything that doesn't hold my interest and I set a Good Reads reading goal for myself. First I set it for 25 books and then reached that pretty quickly so I kept up-ing it. Finally, I just left it at I think 35 and blew right by that. So far ending the year at 42 books read this year but there is still the whole month of December left and I'm pretty sure I'll knock a few more off my TBR pile :)

So here we go... grab some coffee and hang out a bit

I subscribe to OWLCRATE and have to say their boxes are soooooo cool and they have never let me down yet this year! Vassa in the Night is a Russian folklore re-telling. BUT it's not even what you'd think it would be. Its this fantastical, magical, dark, bizarre story and I could not put this book down. 

Three Dark Crowns is currently in progress still because I paused it to start Heartless by Marissa Meyer...I just couldn't wait so I'll revisit this one and let you know what I thought...

Heartless!! Not quite finished but finished enough to tell you how enjoyable of read this is. It's an Alice in Wonderland re-telling ( Can you tell I'm into re-tellings lately?) and it's just been such a fun read! I mean, come on, Alice in Wonderland. It's everything you'd think it would be and more. 

This is a fun little charm I made to include with a gift box of goodies for my Secret Santa exchange for book group :) Love way it turned out! 

and a quick snap of the 9 3/4 wood burned sign my hubby made me :) 

So now onto How to Hang a Witch...ummmm...again I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! Such a great story. Paranormal, witches, Salem history. I loved the main characters. I loved the twists and turns. I gasped at certain things that I didn't see coming. It's a great read. It's currently available as an e-book for $1.99 I'm not sure when that price will change. 

and a quick run down of whats been blowing up my kindle these days...

The Taryn's Camera series by Rebecca Patrick-Howard which is another paranormal series
I'm currently on book #5 and still going. Totally fun, enjoyable, quick reads. 

also finished up the first two books in Brenda Novak's newest series The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles. I can't wait for book #3. Very suspenseful, creepy, edge of your seat, serial killer read! Highly recommend.
What good reads are you cozied up with?


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