Life & Little Things...

More fun with metals in the studio... I've been playing around with some new materials which leads to me hopping online and sourcing out more new materials which leads to me ordering said materials and then spending the following days stalking the mailbox :)

The bullet pendants feature wire wrapped rose quartz and garnets and are now (finally) up in the shop
They come on antiqued brass 18" chain and ready to wear...

Mr. Handsome was cleaning out his closet when I spotted his old belts about to get pitched...I've been deconstructing them for an upcycled project and just waiting (stalking the mailbox) on a few things to arrive to finish this up...

The other day, Mr. Handsome was helping me get my coat on and couldn't understand why my coats are always so heavy... then he remembered his girlfriend is a hippie, soul sista, earthy, crystal lovin' gal who travels with at least 5 or more "rocks" in her pockets everywhere she goes lol! 
So this picture makes me giggle :)

This boy earned his Math Metal at school and surprised us all! He's been working his butt off on one of his least favorite subjects and it paid off :) We're so proud!

Homework around these parts seems to consist of asking Siri for math help because this gal is horrible at math. Are you smarter than a 5th & 6th grader? NOPE! Not even close! lol!

Wanting to freshen up the kitchen came to a screeching halt. I'm too bold with my color choices and it tends to make  Mr. Handsome twitchy. The accent wall color got shut down pretty quickly lol So for now it's primed and we're (He) deciding a more subtle, soothing, color palette ;-) 

So that's my Life and Little things going on in my neck of the woods... 

Hope things in your neck of the woods are great! 


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