Wanderlust- Life and Little Things...

I just got back from what was easily the best vacation I've ever taken. I'm pretty sure my brain and body are still on island time. Nothing like fresh ocean air to cleanse the proverbial pallet and bring on a flood of inspiration...

I'd be lying if I said I'm happy to be back and I'm pretty sure I left a part of my soul in the Caymans ;)

Rum Point

Stingray City

I've been home a week and still haven't completely unpacked. I keep glancing at my luggage, fighting the urge to throw it in the back of my truck and head back to the airport...

but like I said, I did return back to the Mitten full of inspiration and a pocket full of cool looking change :)

I have dusted off the sketchbook and am letting the ideas flow...wearing noise canceling headphones, while listening to ocean sounds ;)


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