School is back in session...

Back to school happened so now I'm trying to get my life back to schedule. I have to admit, I was not ready for Summer to be over. Even though my house looks like a bomb exploded I quite enjoyed the weeks of lazy exploring and lounging with little to no schedule to follow. Also, I wasn't looking forward to hearing the alarm clock and having to pry my eyes open at 6:30 am... I'll never understand morning people.

My solution to this morning situation has been to treat myself to some new cross trainers and work out gear. I DO NOT work out. I don't even like to walk fast...the work out gear is to simply allow me to roll out of bed and pretty much still feel like I'm in my PJ's BUT still look somewhat decent for school drop off. Anyone who sees me will just think I'm heading to the gym instead of the couch to play bubble mania while I drink several cups of coffee and make a mental list of all the things I need to do, should do, might do...maybe later. Procrastination is an art form.

Oh yea, soccer is in full swing again too! At least the soccer peeps seem to feel my pain so games are mostly early afternoon on weekends :)

So now that I'm kinda, sorta getting back into the swing of things. I've got some cool new things I've been working on that I'll be sharing. More blogging will be going on and per usual you can find some daily musings over on my Instagram  to fill in the gaps :)


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