Color testing...

So after finishing up several orders I finally got some time to play. Every batch I've ever gotten of Ink Blue seems to be a little different but it still never disappoints...holds true as my all time favorite glass color and I always manage to get cool color reactions with Raku. So I'm digging this heart focal. Hearts are always fun to make :)

In this set I used machine pulled 247 light lavender blue which is an awesome color...I decided to roll it in Raku and encase it in super clear. I didn't get quite the dramatic color to pull out of the raku but I do kinda dig that the base 247 turned a bit greyish blue. 

and one last heart to share...248 gray on this one with a TON of Raku frit...really loaded it up, then raked it a bit and kept working it and reducing it and hitting it with the brass. The colors really went nuts :) Love when that happens!

So now I'm just trying to decide whether to hang onto them and use them in a finished piece (s) OR list them. What do you think?

I haven't made any button focals in a while and I'm really looking forward to getting some of those made this week! Stay tuned for that :)

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