Life & Little Things...

Halloween came and went...and left behind about 12 lbs of candy...I'm not complaining :)

a couple of weeks ago my mom had to have her pacemaker replaced...she's a pro at it now and she totally rocks. Everything went great, easy peasy and quick...I asked if I could keep her old one, you know, like wisdom teeth, tonsils, appendix etc. so I thought why not a pacemaker?...apparently it's frowned upon and I also got looked at like I was from another planet. Instead they gave me a NEW one to play with for a little while. I think it was a distraction tactic because I also asked to scrub in and watch, also apparently frowned upon...and I got busted trying to figure out how to get the OR doors to open, also frowned upon and there's keypads and swipe pads and cameras and sensors *eyeroll*

Lucas had his first Build a Bear experience...his K-9 plays the Star Wars theme music and also got decked out in a SW outfit :) Noah has about 7 gagillion build a bears at this point so he added another to his collection :)

petal to the metal it's stuffing time!

the rubber band loom bracelets are all the rage and so I've spent many hours on Youtube getting instructed by 9 yr olds (cutest thing ever listening and watching them teach) so I can construct these rubbery contraptions for the kids to wear and gift to their friends...I'm quite proud of Noah's MineCraft creeper themed bracelet, I must say :)

coolest costume alert!

it's been a slow photo snapping week and super busy everything else week. I'm in MUCH need of grabbing the Nikon and some lenses and heading out for a little adventure ASAP...

What are some of your Life & Little Things for this week?

Life & Little Things


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