New...Back to school

It's back to school for the big boy and back at it for me...

Back into the routine, the pattern of padding barefoot around my studio randomly throughout the day or late into the night...I have certain days set aside for studio work although I tend to sneak in and out as  the mood strikes...sometimes an idea pops into my head or I just feel like running my hands through some new beads or new glass colors I'm still thinking up plans for...

Lucas is still home with me...creating and making his own little bits of art right along side me...He keeps asking to go to school and walking around with his backpack on constantly,  so he'll be off to an early 3's class twice a week soon for a few hours. He's super excited :)

So anyhow here's a little something that's not so little, it's actually pretty chunky and fun and fantastic...and hanging around my neck right now...I'm totally loving it! Several more new pieces awaiting their photos to be snapped and ready to go. 

Happy Back to School to all the parents out there! ;)


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