Life & Little Things...

My big boy turned 8 years old and since he's always peering over my shoulder at the torch and asking when he'll be old enough to try, I decided it 8 was a good age to get started ;)

He loved every minute of it! I'm pretty sure he's officially addicted. He wants to know how long before he gets good enough to make Minion, Creepers and animal beads lol! 

He keeps it up and we might become a side by side melting team :)

I had some fun making something I haven't made in a really long time...Hallows! So much fun to build them up and then watch them self inflate as they react with the flame and "blow up"...Made a few of them and think I might have to make a few more to whip up into a necklace soon...

Celebrated Noah's b-day again a few days later and it was gorgeous out...perfect for the kiddos to run around and goof off 

One of my favorite suppliers sent me a nice stash of complimentary beads and strands to play with...looking forward to some much needed downtime this weekend to sit down and create new things.

What are your Life and Little Things for this week?

Life & Little Things


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