What the ?!?!?

Do you ever dig through your bead stash and find beads that you bought ages ago and haven't used yet?
Do you ever look at said beads and think to yourself  "What the crap what I thinking???!!"

These are little coral chips...I'm sure they looked great on the strand...I'm sure I had a perfectly good design idea/plan for them  when I bought them...

but I just can't do it!!! LOOK! they look like puppy dog teeth!!! ack! I can remember many years ago when  my beloved (and now deceased) Doberman was a puppy and I was playing tug of war with her and one of her chew toys and one of her baby teeth fell out and lodged itself into the toy. I plucked it out and looked at it and it LOOKED LIKE THIS!!! Deal breaker! can't bring myself to use them without gagging a little.

Do you have any beads you bought (or received)  with good intentions to make something with them and now just think they're hideous?? Share a pic! :)  


Cindy said…
Marianna, what a funny story! I pretty avoid most "chip" type beads now too. I have way more bead sets that I care to share that I just can't bring myself to use anymore.... I think our tastes change through the years. What I thought was nice as a beginner just doesn't cut it anymore oftentimes. Those beads are good for kid's crafts now though! ;-)
Marianna said…
That's a great idea Cindy!!! Think I will add them to the craft pile. I think both the boys will enjoy glue or stringing these to something lol!
Cris Peacock said…
haha--'One (wo)man's trash is another's treasure'... I use those little coral chips all the time in my island jewelry! Send them my way :) Aloha, Cris

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