These buzzy buzz earrings are still available. You can find them HERE.The other pair of earrings and the ring were snatched up as soon as I posted them on Facebook LOVE when that happens! It happens constantly so if you don't want to miss out on the action stop by and LIKE my fb page.  Anyhow, I still wanted to show them off because I love the way they turned out :)

available on Etsy

dreamy colors...crystals and my glass beads

large pink bloom ring

What else is going on? My baby turned 2 Wednesday! He helped his big brother decorate his birthday banner . We had us some good old fashion McD's play land fun. I spent 2,462,786 hours putting together an enormous train table I got him (sounded like a good idea at the time lol!) and then we all crashed out exhausted...
The birthday celebrating continues this weekend. 

Oh! But one more thing...

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Kashmira said…
Oh my! Baby looks SOOOO cute! And happy!!!
LOVED this post!
Marianna said…
Thank you Kashmira!!!
Toltec Jewels said…
So delighted to find your beautiful work through the Lori Anderson bead soup hops. I fell in love with your work while visiting Etsy, and had a wonderful time sharing your work with my daughter and grandson. Oh, those snowy - sugar beads and fairy beads! I appreciate your 4th of July coupon. With it, I ever so happily purchased "Meadow" -- gorgeous gorgeous art!

Thank you for sharing your art,

JTV Jewel School Friends

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