Tuesday, June 05, 2012


I'm just sitting here enjoying coffee out of my Owl mug that my sweet almost 7 yr old bought me for my birthday, eating pizza rolls and trying to make sure I'm not forgetting anything on my ever growing "To Do" list...Only 7 more days of school left  and I'll officially have a 2nd grader! I will also then have 2 boys to entertain  all day, all summer long...believe me I've been researching and planning all sorts of things to keep us sane busy ;)
Trying to plan up some birthday fun for both the almost 7 yr old as well as the almost 2 yr old...

We have a summer movie list that grows daily...I may be just a tad bit  more excited about Paranorman than he is...I can't even count how many times we've watched and re-watched the trailer and laughed our heads off  :)

There's a guy walking by my house yelling "I'm ganna kick your ass!!" ...ummm, except he's walking by himself and appears to talking to no one in particular...maybe he has a bluetooth and only appears insane...if not this could turn out to be entertaining to watch...see I told you, totally random post today :)

Oh but wait! Look! New bracelet in the shop... followed up by some cute beach baby pics

Noah said "Hey look! it looks like a shark tooth!" and Lucas said "EWWW, Yucky!!"

So there you have it, a totally random, much ado about nothing, blog post from me...it was quite nice actually, kinda therapeutic :)

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