A few days ago Mama bird flew away for a bit so I snuck up to the nest to see if there were any eggs or babies yet and it was still I think there are at least 2 eggs but seeing as I don't particularly enjoy having to dive down into an army crawl to avoid getting my eyes pecked out before I've had my morning coffee, I'm not 100% attempt is scheduled for later today, wish me luck!

Yesterday my big boy greeted me at after school pick up with this...

and I tried really hard not to cry (cause I'm such a whimpy sap) because I tend to get either eye rolls or nervous giggles with a wincing look because I think he feels bad and is unsure if it's good cry or a bad cry so I blinked like crazy with a big cheesy grin and that seemed to do the trick :)

Then, knowing his mama can't keep plants alive for more than a week (if I'm lucky) he rolls right into a big pep talk about when and how I should water it and "You can do it!! I know you can!" So once again...wish me luck!


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