Hello Baby!...

They're here!! They're here!! OMG the cutest things!...I noticed them yesterday and was so excited...4 of them but 1 is a bit of a runt and I worry about him :( I
think his bigger siblings sit on him a lot but every once in a while when mama comes to feed them he pops
his tiny little head up...he's got a bit of a baby Mohawk going on which makes me smile :)

I watched Mama every single day since she started building the nest...the construction always amazes me 
and it's SOOOOO strong, when the babies and mama fly the coop and go on their merry little ways I take the nest down and I swear it it's hard as a rock and soooo sturdy...amazing!

So that is all I have to share on this beautiful Friday. I'm just a geeky, bird obsessed gal, what can I say? :)


I am baby bird obsessed too. We had a Cardinal family living in the bush right outside our door. Last night while mama and dada bird were teaching baby to fly baby got hit by a car right in front of me. I cried.
Enjoy watching your babies, it truly is a miracle.
Marianna said…
OMG that's so sad!!!~ heartbreaking...I would have cried too. Makes me sad just thinking about it :(
Debbie Crews said…
What a beautiful blog site...heartwarming

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