Something fun...

Sometimes I just have to make myself something fun...

Yellow/mustard and gray is my current obsession...

and because I wear so much black and/or grey this one seems to go with everything as well :)

These are BIG, super chunky and fun! I have been making them for one of my oldest and dearest friends (since babies! and her mom is my Godmother :))) who is also the Owner of a local boutique called Sofi Stella.
Her shop is filled with  gorgeous children's clothing for both boys and girls as well as women's apparel and accessories. Several months ago I started making these "Girl Candy" necklaces for her shop and they've been selling like hotcakes ever since! 
They are incredibly fun to wear whether you are a toddler, tween or adult. The color combo's and styles are endless and I'm having a blast making them :)


Those are very pretty and I can see why they are selling. They look like they would be so fun to wear.

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