I heart Macro...

Pulled this one out of the archives because today I noticed that mama bird is back and working on her nest again...in the exact same spot...in my outdoor light fixture off my kitchen porch. As much as I love watching her work and sneaking peeks into her nest every now and again to see if I spot any eggs it's annoying because she won't let me sit out and enjoy my porch until the hatch-lings are big enough to fly the coop...which takes FOREVER!!! Also I just about have to wear a helmet and protective padding just to sneak peeks at the progress because she  dive bombs me and attacks my hair the second she hears me crack open the door. This has been going on for years and years mind you. I can remember back several years ago attempting to just ignore her, stand my ground, sit at my table and read my Stephanie Plum book...she pooped on chapter 7. 

Last year before I took this picture she laid 3 eggs and the next day when I was planning on taking pictures I stepped out there to find all the eggs missing, shell pieces scattered and the nest torn to shreds, I'm guessing a squirrel or raccoon :( She didn't let that hold her back...a day later she finished rebuilding a new nest and a later that week I found this...just one egg but it made me smile. It was a nice little reminder that Mama's and our determination always prevail :)

studio waterstone


K Hutchinson said…
nest are so pretty! I can wait to see some! That egg colors is awesome! Love it!
Wonderful shot - love that color blue of the egg against the tan of the grasses! Great pic even if the mama bird dive bombs you :)
It is so neat that the bird comes back every year to the same spot, but on the other hand I feel for you and wanting to use your porch this time of year. You made me laugh out load on the bird pooping on chaper seven especially being that it was a Stephaine Plum book so true to her character to get pooped on.
Tracey Leeder said…
What a great story! She is a very persistant bird. I would have to draw the line on getting m y books pooped on! Makes me laugh. I have yet to see any eggs this year. Such a gorgeous shade of blue! Have a beautiful week.
Shel said…
I love the color of this egg - beautiful! Nice that 'mama' comes back each year, what a treat!
Sharyl said…
I had the same reaction as Therese, truly! LOL. Chapter 7.

We have birds that build every year just above our large picture window in the living room. We had the windows replaced last year and thought that might deter, but they're back! No dive-bombing us, but they do get the window every once in a while. Fun to watch them come and go, and hear their chirping!

So glad you posted this! :-)
Charlene said…
love the story about the momma bird. what determination. nice color blue too.
Linda Landig said…
I love your picture--such a beautiful blue! I enjoyed your story, too. I laughed at the Stephanie Plum incident and smiled at the thought of the mama bird starting over with her nest and egg. Sweet!
That's a beautiful sneak peek :)
Kim, USA said…
Mama bird determination is awesome! And I like the color of the egg blue!

genie said…
What an amazing moms bird. Coming back year after year must be a wonderful treat for you. The little egg is precious. Hope it makes it OK. Your macro is great. genie

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