I heart Macro...

So when I went to upload my macro's last night, I got the black screen of death on my laptop...not the blue screen of death but the black. I'm not sure which is worse but either way it didn't help and I ended up having to wipe out my whole system and re download the disk it came with and all my drivers and all my programs again etc, etc. Luckily I back up quite often but still it was time consuming, annoying and frustrating and by that time I was just too tired and crashed out to some Twin Peaks (*sigh* loved that show! Thank you Netflix!)

Also yesterday I managed to run out of propane with only one bead left to complete for an order...I'm telling you it just wasn't my day.

vintage MOP buttons on tattered grey rosettes

Anyhow here's a couple of late shots of two new pieces that will be going up in the shop this week. For more Macro lovin' head on over to Lori's to see what everyone else has been capturing behind the lens :)

studio waterstone

It's a beautiful day today! I think I might venture out and about with my macro lens and see if I can find anything interesting :)


Unknown said…
Adorable earrings. I rarely backup so I would have a real dilemma if I got the black screen of death. Glad to hear that everything worked out.
Sharyl said…
Wow! For having a bad day, you managed to create some beautiful jewelry and wonderful macro! I was waiting to see a large black square for your entry, but no! We get these lovely items!

Hope today goes better for you, but I'm loving these! --Sharyl
Marianne, Glad it all worked out for you it would have been a real disaster if you had not backed up. I love the earrings and the necklace they are so very pretty.

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