Color flow...

Watercolor pencils, where have you been all my life? Wow, are they ever fun! My sketch books have mostly been filled with sketches of jewelry designs and bead designs...and maybe some random doodles...rarely ever in color. I haven't sketched faces, people, nature and that type of thing in early college art class days. 

I've been trying to get back into art journaling lately after seeing so many wonderful works on Pinterest and blogs...Who inspires me most lately? Moon, Lori and Alisa Burke just to name a few...

It feels good to be working in color and design in a different medium than I'm used to...

As for everything else happening this week, the "bobot" quilt is coming along nicely, squares are sewn together and a basic design plan has been sketched out, planned and will hopefully come together as planned. Was I supposed to plan the design first? lol! hmm, probably! I forgot how much ironing of seams goes into a quilt...yuk!

I think we've had a little bit of a break through with the math homework...I honestly don't remember having to learn any of this stuff in 1st grade. I'm hoping the boy doesn't inherit my horrific math gene. No, seriously I'm horrible at it, even 1st grade math. Me and math have a hate/hate relationship, always have. I have high hopes that this isn't the case with Noah. Fractions don't seem to phase him but addition and subtraction of double digits mess him up. I remember always having to show my work but apparently now they just want to be able to flash card them a problem and for the student to just know (have memorized) the answer and be able to blurt it out. As much as I hated always having  to show my work, now as a mother  (who wants to bang her head against the wall each night during homework time) I'm kinda wishing it was still like that, at least I'd know that he understands how to work it out to get the answer and why the answer is what it is. 

On ward and up ward to something jewelry related...I had so much fun putting this bracelet together. You can find it in my Etsy shop. Loving the key hole piece and eclectic feel of the whole thing. 

What's inspiring you these days? 


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