The New Year...

My first post of 2012...the holidays wiped me out. NYE was spent with friends and family at my parents house pigging out on good eats and playing with the kiddos. With both boys having the ickies (running nose, cough and overall crabbiness) we didn't stick around for midnight. I tucked up with Roswell season 1 and my snuggie (don't judge me) and nodded off somewhere around 3:30am but not before sitting down in the studio and creating a few new piece of jewelry which I'll show you tomorrow...

having more fun with the wrapping paper than the toys

my mom with the grand babies on Christmas day

the 6 yr old asked for an Ipad but settled for this :)
Lot's of good things are planned and in the works for 2012 and Star Girl Jewelry & Lampwork...I thought a good way to clear out some of the old to make room for the new would be to offer up some Today Specials here and there. So to kick off the 2012 Today Special I've marked down the Amber Glow earrings from $14 to $9 and once they're gone they're gone.

was $14 now $9
and you can find them HERE

It's back to school for the boy tomorrow. I don't think I bored him too much this time around as I did over  Thanksgiving break plus I scored the 25th Anniversary edition of Zelda for his DSi for FREE through the Nintendo shop and already have 3 levels beat...errr..I mean he's really enjoying it. Laundry's going, baby's napping, coffee's in hand and I'm about to go tackle the tree and stuff everything back into storage although, I'm sure I'll be finding faux pine needles, sparkles and tiny bits of wrapping paper for weeks to come. 

How was your Holidays? Did you make any NY's resolutions? 


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