A few more...

Button sliders...they're so much fun and addicting to make. I don't ever plan them ahead of time. Once I get the base complete I sit for a minute trying to decide what I want to add to the button face. It's like a blank little canvas :) These also fit the Pandora style bracelets but they make great buttons and beads for jewelry projects. You can find them HERE.

and a peek at some of my favorite ornaments off my HP pink tree...I couldn't resist! OMG I love my HP tree so much I wanna leave it up all year round! The big tree I'm always a little happy to see gone after the New Year but this little pink 3 ft-er makes me sad to pack up and put away.

Harry and Snape with a bubbling cauldron that lights up...this one's my most favorite

the "mirror" is a hologram and changes depending on how you're looking at it

Bertie Botts every flavored Beans!

The Nimbus 2000

The sorting hat...which house would you hope it  would choose for you??



What's your favorite Holiday decoration that you look forward to putting out every year?


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