Etsy lovin'...

I realized that I haven't done an Etsy Lovin' post in a while, so let's get started shall we?...

Ruffles!!! need I say more?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE big rings, isn't this stunning?

hand painted cool!

EVERYTHING in her shop is insanely gorgeous, this is just my latest favorite

Amazing poly clay beads...stop by her shop and check out the rest of her goodies, the colors and designs are incredible.

Vintage milk bottle tops...I don't know what I would use them for but I feel the need to have them. Actually they would make super cute earring cards, don't you think?

Beautiful bowls, great colors and design

Yes I'm aware I post a lot of yarn bowls in my Etsy Lovin' posts. I don't think I'll stop until I finally just buy one for myself :)

I WANT, NEED and have to have one of these! So adorable! Ruffle scarf and ruffle hip pouch...the more ruffles the better!!

Hope you enjoyed this Etsy Lovin' 
Have a great day!


Thank you, Marianna, for including my yarn bowl in your lovely collection of Etsy finds! That ring is gorgeous!
Melinda Orr said…
I kinda want one of everything here too! :-) Thanks for sharing...just posted a few new cuffs today as well~ You're blog is beautiful!
Vaida said…
Thanks so much for featuring my ruffled wavy shawl together with these fabulous finds! Love your blog!
margie cansino said…
Great stuff! LOVE the shoes. The prices gave me a good laugh though. I mean really now? I guess I don't think those lil painting are worth that much money on used shoes. I would rather spend my $300 on a new Louie or something. But I bet some non-painters would buy them, in NY, in a different economy. What do I know? Maybe she will sell out. I hope so, then she can just slap me if she wants. ;)
Oh so many goodies - the color on that ring is to die for and Melissa Orrs shop I could stare at for HOURS!!!

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