Creating Romance...

Changing diapers, filling sippy cups, tackling piles of laundry, helping with homework, deleting 200+ emails that are informing me of multi millions I've won and/or inherited, meeting deadlines, biting my tongue trying NOT to drop the F bomb in front of the kiddos when I step on a wooden block, barefoot and just perfectly on the pointy corner and scarfing down my lunch over the sink so I can hurry up and make good use of extra time in the studio during nap time. Romance is something I have to create myself  and it doesn't happen in the wine n dine sort of way sadly but rather in my sketch pad and by pulling various chains, beads, fibers, stones, metals etc. lol! 
Every girl needs a little romance even if it's by wearing a piece of pretty-ness around her neck while she's moping floors or dodging cheerios being launched by a 1 yr old. 

I like to dress up even if I have no where to go...which is pretty much every day (having no where to go I mean or rather no where exciting.) Full makeup, a cute outfit, spunky shoes and some fun or pretty accessories just makes me feel better. And when I get to sit down at my work table and create something that I hope will make the person who wears it feel feminine, fun or romantic and pretty, well that just makes my day. Yes, I realize I'm babbling but I'm just in one of those moods today...but I really love this piece.

This necklace oh how I love it so! Chunky chain, a few wire wrapped faceted sparklies for charms and a pendant that I created by layering a few different bits and baubles. I used a strip of rhinestones in an antiqued finish and created a fancy bezel around the pretty purple faceted Lucite cab. It was already set in a bezel but it was just a plain no frills bezel and it called for some extra bling. 

oh! and you can find this necklace HERE.


Penny said…
I agree, getting makeup, dressed up and pretty jewelry makes you feel like you are taking care of yourself and you are prepared for the unexpected. The pendant is gorgeous, very romantic!!
It's great when they get older and you CAN drop the f-bomb because they have learned they can't. As my oldest calls it " Mommies colorful language" I've stepped on enough Lego's I think I've earned it lol ... Beautiful necklace!

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