It's a Wrap...

quick, easy and fun! 

I have quite a stash of old vintage metal and plastic bangles. I've mostly acquired them from buying vintage lots of jewelry, especially when I buy "buy the pound" there's usually a few thrown in there...I've seen tons of tutorials on how to cover them up and make them pretty and it's really pretty easy peasy.

Grab some of your favorite fabric...I dug through my Trader Joe's scrap bag and found two long strips of these two fabrics and just cut a tiny slit on one end and started tearing each fabric into two longer strips...I like the frayed edges.

start wrapping the fabric around the bangle in one spot a couple times just to anchor it into place and then start moving over a little bit with each wrap and make your way all the way around the bangle...

Then take a little dab of fabric glue to tack the end into's pretty quick drying and should dry clear and within a few minutes your newly upcycled bangles will be ready to wear. 

quick and easy and a great little gift project to add to your handmade gift list don't you think?

also much more prettier, comfortable and not as noisy as wearing metal or plastic bangles :)

I tend to wear 3 or more at a time...

cause I'm a more is more kinda gal...

PS. I didn't take step by step pics cause I literally just whipped them up in a few minutes but if you type in "how to make fabric covered bangles" or something along those lines, in a search I'm sure you'll get a TON of great step by step tutorials. Just experiment and have fun!


Those look so, so cool with your sweater and jeans!!!
Marianna said…
Thanks Sandi! I didn't realize how much more comfortable and fun they are to wear wrapped up! I think I may go on a wrapping binge :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your comments on my macro shot. Poked around at your lovely blog for a while and just love these fabric wrapped bangles. I am into easy, fiber small projects and jewelery.

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