I heart macro...and a few new things

Aurae Double Helix glass...pandora/troll/European style bead

pods focal


A few new things in the shop AND I finally did a major update to my website...still a lot more work to do there. I desperately need to update my glass galleries. I'm thinking about simplifying is somehow...I just haven't figured out how yet ;) Anyhow, head on over and check out the rest of the macro's for this week!

studio waterstone


T... said…
oh what yummy beads, love the colours
ShonEjai said…
Great photos. They belong in a catalogue. Well done
Tracey N. said…
Oh wow! What spectacular beads and equally as spectacular shots!! Love love that first bead.
hannah said…
Hello Marianna,
What a friendly smile to greet us on this Sunday morning.
Tell me, do you and others actually make your own beads sometimes? I can't begin to imagine what that involves.
Lovely oil slick.
Marianna, Beautiful beads really like them all!
Love those beads! Good luck with your updates and have a wonderful day!
Marianna said…
Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!!
Hannah- yes I do make my own lampwork glass beads.
Thanks again!!
Anonymous said…
WOWZERS what gorgeous beads! Such gorgeous shots of them :)
Linda Makiej said…
Really beautiful macro work!!
Holly said…
Oh wow. Such lovely beads, and featured so very nicely!!
Holy GORGEOUSNESS!!!! Those are amazing!!! *faints*
Annette said…
The beads are just gorgeous and your shots really show them off! Nice job!!
Cindy said…
Marianna, what beautiful beads!! I've admired your beads for quite some time...practically since I first started making jewelry! :-) I've loved seeing all of the styles you have created through the years.
Laura Twiford said…
Gorgeous glass! Love that double helix and the shots are fantastic!
Marianna said…
Thanks so much again for all the nice comments!

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