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Sometimes I find myself doubting a bead design and what I set out for it to be.  Perhaps my "vision" might be skewed or a little off. Maybe I had too much coffee or not enough sleep. What's a girl to do? Ask her readers, duh!  Let me know what you think, I'd so appreciate it!


Bahahahahahahahahaha!!!Thanks for that!
Heidi said…
It's quite cute - but I LOLed when I saw the choice for Frosted Mini Wheat!!!
Bahaha a mini wheat! I saw a ghost or mummy right away.
Shannon C
TesoriTrovati said…
That is the cutest little frosted mini wheat mummy I have every seen!
Enjoy the day.
I thought a mummy ghost but then I thought a little curious kitten all wrapped up in string!LOL Hey I can be out there sometimes!
Marianna said…
LOl! Thanks everyone! I think I'll stick to my regular round lentil mummy face design hehe!
Anonymous said…
I actually thought of a newborn baby all wrapped up...


- Pepita

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