Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tortoise and the hare...BSBP version

I'm definitely the tortoise in the hop. Not that the BSBP hop is a race I just hate to take too long to leave comments on everyone's blogs because I know how much I have enjoyed getting comments on my soup and I want to be sure I don't accidentally skip over anyone. I'm plugging right along still so if you haven't gotten a comment from me, I'm on my way!

What I've learned from the hop so far:

*the beading, glass, jewelry, metal, clay, etc (whatever medium you work with) is truly an awesome group to be a part of. The talent is amazing and the people behind the art have been incredible, supportive, inspiring and humbling. 

* seed beaders will never, ever stop amazing me! My jaw has literally dropped several times on this hop in complete amazement and just trying to wrap my brain around the talent, time and concentration that goes into the work they create. 

*I hate CAPTCHA, just when I think I've left a comment I get a quick little captcha surprise OR even worse it took too long to pop up and so I thought I was done and clicked off the blog and had to go back and re-leave my comment *slaps forehead*

*So many BSBP-er's used sari silk, fabric and ribbons in so many GORGEOUS and creative ways. I'm officially inspired to use it more often and to hopefully get it to look as romantic and pretty as these gals have managed.  

*amazed also by the incredible wire work, cold connections, metal smithed, mixed media pieces I've seen. Again inspiring me to keep my wire, sheets, hammers and tools out and continue trying new things and experimenting (currently I'm having a blast with cold connections) 

*I've used the word amazing A LOT but one last time let me just say it...THE BSBP IS AN AMAZING GROUP!

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Anonymous said...

how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do

Boot ~C said...

I agree, I hate capcha too, so many comments have come back to my mailbox, very discouraging :( I'm not done w/my hop yet, I've done about160 so far

maneki said...

I think you very aptly described what it is I hate about captcha/word verification. Especially those versions that on top of everything else are hard to read... Doesn't make me want to comment much when I know it's such a hassle.