Soups coming and other things...

School daze have officially begun...bring on the crazy schedule! One week in and we're doing pretty good. After school pick up in the parking lot is once again complete and total mayhem but I actually kinda like it. I get there early, kick back my seat and get a good 45 minutes of reading in. (currently enjoying Heads You Lose by Lisa Lutz) Works for me!
 I'm officially a soccer mom and loving it. Even if it's just a bunch of 6-8 yr olds it's still exciting and I'm losing my voice by the end of the game :) I've always been a big soccer fan so for me it's waaaaaaay better than watching football (yuk!) and even though they're not keeping score this season because "it's not about winning, it's all about having fun" blah, blah, blah this mama IS keeping score and we kicked butt our first game 3-2 win but that's just between  you and me ;)

thumbs up! Boylan #6 

I have NEVER, ever seen a really! So when I heard what sounded like a moped buzzing over my house for a good half hour I finally went out snapped a few (dark and dreary) pictures. I never realized just how sloooooooooooooooow they move. Is there a mini bar and bathroom on those things cause that just seems like it would be the longest and most boring flight ever, just sayin'.

a few more soccer snaps and then I swear I'll stop posting them...for a little bit. ;)

Note to self: Get Noah some black shorts to match the other kids...although the blue  does make him easier to spot on the field :)

Ok onto beadier things...My name is Marianna and I'm addicted to making glass cabochons...

This one was created with some gorgeous raku on black and set in an antiqued brass bezel and sits on a fully adjustable wide band in an antiqued brass finish. It's HUGE but comfy and the colors are stunning. Look for more coming soon as well as some pendants! 

Don't forget to mark your bloggy calendars! The Bead Soup Blog Party starts this Saturday the 17th! I've already got my reveal post set to auto post at a little after midnight. I'm still working on pictures and descriptions but I'm just about ready to roll! I cannot wait to see what my partner has created. I cannot wait to see what everyone else participating has come up with. I'll have the full blog hop list posted and I hope you'll cozy up and give them all a visit. With over 350 blogs to hop I know it'll take me a couple weeks to get to every one's reveals but it's SOOOOOO worth it!


Hi Marianna,
It's ok you are a proud Mom so post those pictures. I like the cab ring, it has pretty colors. See you at the party.
Cindy said…
Sounds like you are busy in a good way! I like those blue shorts, they do help spot your son easily. I have a hard time during lacrosse season finding one of my sons....the other is easy, I just look for his red hair!
Your new cab rings are really cool and look like a lot of fun to wear!

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